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AOMS TOT™ is a technology package, which includes an Apple iPad, a small 3D sensor called the Structure Sensor, a Sharp Shape customized iOS app (AOMS TOT), and a Sharp Shape conversion/processing program.

Practioners will be able to scan patients’ feet directly with the device. The app is user friendly and accurate, generating a realistic 3D image of the foot. That means that you no longer need plaster casts or foam boxes. For your convenience, those items can still be scanned with the 3D scanner and then sent to the lab, reducing turnaround time and shipping costs.

When the image is received, it goes through the correction process. All orthotics are individually made based on each patient’s prescription. Orthotic Energy does not sell pre-fabricated devices. Contact us if you would like to know more about the 3D scanning, or order yours today.


Manufacturing Methods

Orthotic Energy processes plater casts, foam impressions, and 3D scanning.


Negative plaster casts or foam impressions are 3D scanned into our system for digital correction. If we receive the 3D image from scanning the foot directly, we skip to the next step.


3D digital scans are corrected based on practitioners RX.

Milling Positives

Corrected files are sent to CNC, positive moulds are milled.


Then, the material of choice will be heated and vacuum formed over the positive moulds.


Formed shells are ground and polished to the highest function and fit based on practitioners RX.


Then additions and modifications are added to the shells, based on practitioners RX. Top covers are shaped, finished custom devices now will be sent to quality control.

Quality Control

All custom made devices are inspected for quality control and accuracy, packed individually and shipped out to the practitioner.


The devices will be packaged and promptly shipped out to clinics across Canada.