Manufacturing Process

"addressing biomechanics       
      with applied orthopedics"

Step 1

Acceptable ways of manufacturing custom orthotics.

Orthotic Energy process only plaster cast or foam impression.

Step 2


Negative plaster casts or foam impressions are 3D scanned into automated orthotic manufacturing system ( AOMS) , for digital correction.

Step 3


3D digital scans are corrected based on practitioners RX.

Step 4

Milling positives

Corrected files are sent to CNC , positive moulds are milled.

Step 5

Moulding/ Vacuuming

Then, Material of choice will be heated and vacuum formed over the positive moulds.

Step 6

Grind and polish

Formed Shells are ground and polished to the highest function and fit based on practitioners RX.

Step 7


Then additions and modifications are added to the shells, based on practitioners RX.

Top covers are shaped , finished custom devices now will be sent to quality control.

Step 8

Quality control

All custom made devises are inspected for quality and accuracy, packed individually and shipped out to the practitioner.

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