Custom Orthotics

"addressing biomechanics       
      with applied orthopedics"

Orthotic Energy is dedicated to providing quality prescription foot orthotics that conform to technical standards for foot orthotics and made to the specific instructions provided by a licensed medical practitioner. Orthotic Energy’s objective is to custom fabricate orthotics orders according to a doctor’s exact medical prescription. Orthotic Energy products are individually made to control a particular person’s foot function enhancing the athletic ability, competitiveness, comfort, and shock absorption.

All Orthotic Energy products are reviewed on a continual basis throughout the fabrication process, to ensure conformity with the doctor’s prescription. All non-conformity will be reviewed by trained personnel and reworked or remade to eliminate non-conformity.

Orthotic Energy uses the latest technology standards in the manufacturing of their custom orthotics. Research and development is an integral part, that ensures that Orthotic Energy exceeds the standards and skill levels required to manufacture quality prescription custom orthotics.

Proudly providing over 15 years of services nationwide